Student at a stand-up desk

Stand-up Desks

The project addresses a need for students in special education.  It will provide students with ADHD and others who learn differently, an option to use a standing desk. Research shows some students need to move in order to learn.  Stand-up Desks will allow these students to move their body while listening and working on their school lessons. The 24 standing desks will be used in six special educational and two general education classrooms.  Standing desks will provide students with attention difficulties a choice to move around and be more active during lessons.  School staff will measure the results and effectiveness of the use of standing desks.  The goals of the Stand-up Desks project are to increase students’ time on tasks, completion of work and improvement in academic performance. 

This project is funded by the CEF MCD Awards Program.
Recipients: Molly McFadden, Teacher of Students with Learning Disabilities
School:  C.E. Curtis Elementary School
Amount: $5,000.