solar suitcase

P.O.W.E.R. – Providing Others with Energy Resources

Two high school specialty centers students worked together to develop an alternative energy source for a community in Haiti. Pre-engineering students designed a portable solar power energy generation and storage system. Leadership students increased global awareness and served as the liaison with non-profit organizations.


A solar suitcase that provides power for worship-related electronics was designed, built and delivered to the Holy Family Parish in Cerca Carvajal, Haiti. Students’ personal communication, critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills increased. Leadership students increased their awareness of Haiti and its culture. Pre-engineering students increased by over 70% their knowledge of solar power and its use. This project will continue with a new group of students at both the James River High and L.C. Bird High Schools. Next year’s project will satisfy a different need that will be determined.

This project is funded by the CEF MCD Awards Program.
Recipient: Robert Benway, Governor’s Academy of Engineering Studies, L.C. Bird High School
RecipientTimothy Couillard, Center for Leadership and International Relations, James River High