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Innovation Grants

We are proud to support the faculty and staff of Chesterfield County Public Schools (CCPS) through the Innovation Grant Award! These grants are used to provide our students with enhanced learning opportunities through creative, innovative and replicable programs.

If you are a CCPS faculty or staff member and have an idea that goes beyond traditional methods, let CEF provide you with additional resources that will Fuel Minds Through Opportunity!

Applications for the 2023 Innovative Grants are now open! The deadline to apply is 11:59 pm on Friday, March 31, 2023.

2022 Innovation Grant Recipients

Maggie Holt & Brenda Starr
Project: Math Manipulative Library
Description: Purchase math kits and additional resources to build a math resource library to strengthen student math skills.
Grant Award: $5,000.00

Jared Robles
Project: Nuestra Musica
Description: Purchase instruments and other items that would create a school-wide Latin American instrumental and vocal ensemble for students to experience the community’s culture.
Grant Award: $4,000.00

Christina Lorenz
Project: Leaders are Readers
Description: Purchase a book vending machine and additional materials to kick off a reading project initiative.
Grant Award: $5,000.00

Joshua Applewhite
Project: MBK TV
Description: Purchase broadcasting equipment to expand the programming capabilities of MBKHS TV. In addition to enhancing the current production of news and morning announcements, the equipment would allow students to broadcast remotely and provide a space for weather reports.
Grant Award: $5,000.00

Jennifer Lenz
Project: School Sensory Path to Improve Emotional Regulation
Description: Create both an indoor and outdoor pathway that are composed of a combination of visual and tactile elements. These sensory paths will have a wide variety of physical elements for kids to try and will also include some learning concepts like counting, the alphabet/sight words and colors.
Grant Award: $4,975.00

Rebecca Ryan
Project: Coding Ozobots for Engaging Minds
Description: Purchase Ozobot Evo kits and other materials to introduce coding in core subject classrooms.
Grant Award: $4,200.00

Helene Grossman
Project: Bringing Dramatic Play to Deaf Kindergarteners
Description: Purchase materials to create a "Dramatic Play" station in kindergarten for deaf students.
Grant Award: $5,000.00

Michelle Stag
Project: Engagement Through Robotics
Description: Purchase Dash Robots and Beebots to enhance learning for students that have never had the chance to work with technology that involves coding and robotics.
Grant Award: $4,871.00

Jayne Beale
Project: Rewards Display
Description: Purchase a display case that will hold rewards for students to view what they can "purchase" using their hard-earned school points, and sturdy rolling carts to continue using a mobile school store.
Grant Award: $4,800.00

Tylea Owens
Project: Paw Powered Kids Focusing on Self Regulation
Description: Purchase Kimochis Educator’s Tool kits to work with students that have accrued major behavioral incidents. Also, purchase furniture and other materials to create a wellness room.
Grant Award: $5,000.00

Maribeth Cowan
Project: Purposeful Pathways to Success
Description: Provide professional instructor/presenter led workshops to prepare students with skills for post-secondary plans.
Grant Award: $5,000.00

Sophia Cimbal
Project: Taking the new generation further with new generation tools.
Description: Create an innovative tech room to enhance student learning.
Grant Award: $4,824.00

Maureen Capel
Project: Creating an Outdoor Learning Oasis at Wells Elementary School
Description: Creating an outdoor learning oasis in an existing courtyard area on our school property. This would include a seating space for one or more classes to use for instructional purposes.
Grant Award: $5,000.00

Lauren Serpa
Project: LittleBits Music Inventor Kits and Makey Makeys
Description: Buy 10 LittleBits Music Inventor Kits and 15 Makey Makeys that students can use with partners or small groups to invent electronic musical instruments, while also exploring making circuits.
Grant Award: $2,200.00

Melissa True
Project: Building a Place Where We All Shine: Implementing a House System
Description: Implement a house system modeled after the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA that would place
our students randomly into one of five houses. Each house will be named after a constellation (since our school is “Salem Stars”), have student captains and staff leaders who will facilitate student participation and activities.
Grant Award: $5,000.00

Stephanie Smith
Project: Reading Revolution
Description: Provide diverse and current books grouped into thematic units to create book clubs.
Grant Award: $5,000.00

Jessica Tanner
Project: Glowforge to Help Everyone Shine
Description: Purchase a glowforge 3D laser printer that would be used for collaboration between departments within the school. The idea is to have art students create things from the ideas of others, in addition to its use within our art curriculum.
Grant Award: $5,000.00

Glenda Ford
Project: "Check Your Tech" Multipurpose Resource Room"
Description: Create a multipurpose room that would allow SPED students the opportunity to work in individually designated spaces.
Grant Award: $4,300.00

Melinda Shirley
Project: Courtyard Transformation Project
Description: Refurbish and create an outdoor courtyard space that can be used by teachers and staff to enhance the learning environment of Curtis Elementary students.
Grant Award: $2,250.00

Hollie Knight
Project: Bridging Math & Science with Art
Description: Purchase two Cool Art with Math & Science kits that will help enhance student learning with the benefits of intertwined art and math skills.
Grant Award: $1,850.00

Kaila Dietrich
Project: Soft Start/Monthly Morning Bins
Description: Purchase a morning bin system. These bins will consist of activities that support phonics, reading, writing, math curriculum, and SEL.
Grant Award: $510.00

Madison Holt
Project: Taking Up Space
Description: Provide commission to Sam Prather (they/them) and art supplies for students of the Gay-Straight Alliance Club and specialty center art students to collaborate on a mural, to be displayed inside the school, that is inclusive and reflects the vibrancy and continued support for current and future students.
Grant Award: $2,500.00

Chelsea Joyner
Project: The Great Mural Project
Description: Crestwood students will collaborate with each other and a local artist to create a large mural on canvas.
Grant Award: $2,500.00

Meghan Stemann
Project: Morning Meeting Workshop
Description: Provide materials for a teacher workshop to instruct staff on creating morning classroom routines.
Grant Award: $520.00

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